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Questions regarding information or data presented in this website may be addressed to any of the officials listed below by electronic mail or by mail forwarded to the address indicated below.


Susana Luzuriaga                             

Director, Institutional Research
(513) 556-0364
Robert Becks                   
Assistant Director, Budget Analysis
(513) 556-1628

Charita Brewer              

Assistant Director, Business Analysis
(513) 556-0361



Lauren Thomas                               

Assistant Director, Institutional Research
(513) 556-4033

Tamara Gross      

Business Data Reporting Analyst
(513) 556-0366



Nicole Klassen     

Institutional Research Analyst
(513) 556-0363



Brad Miller               

Business Data Reporting Analyst
(513) 556-6023



Charles Brendan Cooper

Institutional Research Analyst
(513) 556-4728