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What is NSSE?

NSSE is the National Survey of Student Engagement. It helps many offices around campus understand the student experience at UC. 

How to Participate

NSSE is sent to Freshmen and Seniors in their UC Email. Look for an email from President Ono. The email will contain a link to the survey and instructions on how to access it and participate. The survey is open now and will be available for the rest of the semester. 

Take the NSSE Ad
Accidentally delete it? That's ok, the final reminder will be sent on March 31 - Don't miss it! 
Have more questions? This is a link to NSSE's FAQ Page for students. You can also find other information about NSSE on their website

Research & Assessment

The primary purpose of Research and Assessment is to collect and analyze data about University of Cincinnati students to better understand their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. This information is primarily used to inform programs and policies for the university.

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National Survey of Student Engagement Results (NSSE)

Student engagement represents two critical features of collegiate quality. The first is the amount of time and effort students put into their studies and other educationally purposeful activities. The second is how the institution deploys its resources and organizes the curriculum and other learning opportunities to get students to participate in activities that decades of research studies show are linked to student learning. UC NSSE Reports

Student Satisfaction Inventory Results (SSI)

The Student Satisfaction Inventory gives you a powerful tool to improve the quality of student life and learning. It measures student satisfaction and priorities, showing you how satisfied students are as well as what issues are important to them.

Student Satisfaction Inventory (2012 & 2014)

 Student Satisfaction Inventory (2010 & 2012)

 Student Satisfaction Inventory (2008 & 2010)

 Student Satisfaction Inventory (2010 by gender)

 Student Satisfaction Inventory (2010 by ethnicity)

Student Satisfacton (2006 & 2008)

Student Satisfacton (2003 & 2006)