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Undergraduate Affairs

Undergrad Affairs

Welcome to Undergraduate Affairs. The focus of this office is quality undergraduate education and student success, which helps us realize the unique opportunities that are present when a research university makes a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching and learning. This begins with a vision of undergraduate education, Integrated Core Learning, our signature approach to learning that emphasizes interdisciplinary, experiential, and global perspectives throughout the student's undergraduate years, from first year experience to senior capstone projects.

This office works to ensure colleges are delivering high quality and thoughtful undergraduate experiences, courses, and programs to meet the ambitious undergraduate goals associated with UC's Academic Master Plan, UC2019. In addition, this office provides oversight for non-college based undergraduate programs and initiatives including the University Honors Program, the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards, the Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning, the Center for First Year Experience and Learning Communities, the Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program, and UC Forward.

Questions? Suggestions? Please contact us.