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Beverly Davenport - Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Tony Almaguer  - Executive Assistant to the Provost
Jourdan Powers - Assistant To
Elissa Yancey - Director, Provost Media and Communications

Academic Personnel

Matt Serra - Vice Provost of Academic Personnel
Ana Vamadeva - Academic and Faculty Policy Administrator
Deborah deGroot-Osswald - Academic Labor Relations Coordinator
Jourdan Powers - Assistant To

Academic Affairs

Kristi Nelson - Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Richard Miller - Special Assistant to the Provost
Lori Griffin - Associate To
April Poteet - Coordinator of Special Projects

Undergraduate Affairs

Gigi Meyer Escoe - Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Sharon Boyle - Executive Staff Assistant
Pam Person - Director, Nationally Competitive Awards
Adrian Hall  -  Senior Academic Researcher, Undergraduate Affairs

Business and Financial Affairs

Kathy Qualls - Senior Vice Provost for Academic Finance and Administration
Tim Bybee - Director of Business Affairs
Scott Page - Senior Director, Provost HR Operations
Karen Losekamp - Assistant Vice President, Business and Financial Affairs
Rebecca Rudolph - Associate to Senior Vice Provost for Academic Finance and Administration
Angel Prewitt - Business Manager
Brad Hoffman - Senior Financial Analyst
Amanda Grant - Senior HR Coordinator
Jean Shelton - Assistant to Director of Business Affairs

Enrollment Management

Caroline Miller - Sr. Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management

Institutional Research

Susana Luzuriaga - Director, Institutional Research
Caroline Alikonis - Director, Graduate Research and Assessment
Pamela Jackson - Research Associate
Lauren Thomas - Sr. Research Associate, Research and Assessment
Hongmei Zhu - Assistant Director, Institutional Research
Daryl Wright - Assistant Director, Resource Analysis

International Affairs

Raj Mehta - Vice Provost, UC International & Director of UC Honors Program


Robin Martin - Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion & Special Projects

Student Affairs & Services

Debra Merchant - Vice President Student Affairs & Services

The Graduate School

Chip Montrose - Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate School
Margaret Hanson - Associate Dean
Lori Griffin - Associate To
Additional Staff

UC Information Technology (UCIT)

Nelson Vincent - Vice President and CIO, UCIT