Distinguished Teaching Professor Award

Contact: Eileen Strempel, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Eileen.Strempel@uc.edu or 513-556-2588


Christine Colella, 2017 Winner


The Office of the Provost greatly values professors who have made a long-term commitment to serve at the University of Cincinnati and promote excellence in teaching.

The office recognizes the investments of these longtime partners by investing in them through the Distinguished Teaching Professor Award. This award goes to UC instructors who represent the ideal of the educational profession and have made impactful contributions to teaching, curricular development and scholarship on and off of the university’s campus.


Candidates may be teachers of any subject, able to communicate a broad and accurate knowledge of their fields, to create a feeling of harmony between self and students and meet difficulties with poise, to challenge students to think, to counsel students wisely, and to demonstrate enthusiasm for their subject that motivates students to their fullest capacities. They should represent the ideal of the teaching profession.


Nominations come from the academic college by a process recommended by the Dean after full faculty participation. Colleges may nominate no more than one individual each year.

Criteria for Selection:

  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in teaching at the rank of instructor or higher and at the University of Cincinnati.
  • Recognition by an award for teaching excellence from the college, university, or a professional association.
  • Evidence of superior teaching of students resulting in significant impact upon their lives, including evidence of assessment measures to document student learning.
  • Evidence of achievement in curricular development and academic planning beyond the individual classroom and subject.
  • Evidence of scholarship, creativity, and innovation related to teaching and learning, such as through SoTL publications or presentations in peer-reviewed outlets.
  • Evidence of recognition for contributions to teaching and learning beyond the university.


  • An electronic copy of the nomination dossier must be emailed to Eileen Strempel in the Provost's Office by the Dean no later than Friday, Dec. 2, 2016. The dossier should be no more than 30 pages in length with no addenda or appendixes. It should be organized according to the six selection criteria above and must include:
    • A cover letter of nomination from the Dean documenting that the nominee has met the above criteria.
    • Supporting materials. The following can be included with the nomination:
      1. Citation. A brief statement (200 words) indicating the major accomplishments and reasons the individual has been nominated. This will be used if the person receives the award. (This could be incorporated within the Dean’s nomination letter.)
      2. Curriculum vitae of nominee. (A shortened version is acceptable, but the CV will not be counted in the page limit).
      3. Summary of teaching responsibilities over the last five years.
      4. Summary of related teaching activities (e.g. curriculum committees, new course development, improvements to laboratories or equipment, pedagogical publications, counseling and advising activities).
      5. Summary of formal peer and student evaluations over the past three years. (Student evaluations should be summarized in a format that is efficient and clear regarding the main features of those evaluations. While both quantitative and qualitative data should be included, do not include copies of individual evaluations. This section should also clarify the methodology by which the student evaluations were collected.)
      6. Letters from former students emphasizing the long-term profound impact of this teacher’s influence for their lives (no more than four letters).
      7. Letters from individuals of state, national, and international standing regarding the candidate’s stature as a teacher (no more than four letters).
    • Letters of support (a maximum of three) from other UC faculty who have interacted extensively with the candidate and/or are knowledgeable about the candidate, especially if those colleagues have had their teaching impacted in substantial ways by the candidate.

NOTE: All materials should be assembled into one complete submission per nominee.

  • The Provost will appoint a committee with representatives from both Uptown East and Uptown West campuses and also including a graduate-student and an undergraduate-student member. This committee will submit its recommendation to the Provost by Dec. 20, 2016 and the Provost will make recommendations to the President by Jan. 20, 2017.
  • Appointments will be announced at a meeting of the Board of Trustees and also recognized at the Faculty Awards Celebration in April 2017.


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