Exemplary Department Award

Contact: Keisha Love, Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Special Initiatives, 513-556-7013 or Keisha.Love@uc.edu


Department of Chemistry, 2016 Winner


The Exemplary Department Award recognizes the work of departments that maintain exemplary scholarly environments for faculty and students by publicly honoring the collaborative efforts and successes of a group of dedicated colleagues. The Office of the Provost will award a total of $30,000 for the 2017-2018 academic year.


Award Overview

Each year the Exemplary Department Award focuses on a different theme. As UC prepares for its upcoming reaccreditation visit by the Higher Learning Commission, the ability to demonstrate quality programming and student learning will be of the utmost importance. With this context, this year the Office of the Provost will recognize departments whose faculty have shown a commitment to continuous improvement through its engagement in the effective and efficient assessment of program and student learning outcomes. The outcomes may include–but are not limited to–the documentation of students’ mastery of program content, improvements in retention rates and graduation rates, sustained increases in the percentage of students completing internships/fellowships/field experiences, and/or exemplary student performance relative to national standards or standardized assessments. Departments that effectively articulate how assessment data are used to improve students’ learning experiences are highly desired.  



Academic departments and academic programs/areas that do not fall under an existing department structure are eligible to apply.



Applications are due by December 4, 2017. A review committee consisting of administrators in the Office of the Provost will select award recipients and notify departments on or around December 20, 2017. All funds must be invested by December 1, 2018, and a final report that documents the accomplishments achieved with the assistance of the grant and the manner in which funds were spent is due December 15, 2018.


Nomination Materials

Applications must include the following information and be submitted to Keisha Love as a single PDF or Word document:

A letter of application that addresses the following areas (12-page maximum, size 12 font, 1-inch margins):

  1. Describes the outcomes that the department uses to evaluate the quality of the program and student learning, as well as the assessment measures and assessment process;
    • Documents the chosen outcomes demonstrate outstanding performance;
    • Describes how the assessment data are used to enhance students’ learning or their experiences in the program;
    • Incorporates data and/or concrete examples that demonstrate the improvements achieved as a result of changes in practices, policies, pedagogy, etc., and how the assessment results inform corrective actions;
    • Outlines a plan for the sustainability of the excellence demonstrated;
    • Explains how funds from the Exemplary Department Award will be expended and are related to the year’s theme;
    • 1-page budget outline
  2. Three (3) to five (5) letters of support from current and/or former faculty, students, administrators, community agencies/partners, and other beneficiaries that can speak to the quality of the program, the quality of the students, or the quality of the student experience.

Please direct questions to Keisha Love (513-556-7013), Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Special Initiatives 

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