Open Access Monograph Publishing Initiative in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Contact: Keisha Love, Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Special Initiatives, 513-556-7013 or



Grant Details

The University of Cincinnati is participating in a new initiative, the Open Access Monograph Publishing Initiative, of the Association of American Universities (AAU), Association of Research Libraries (ARL), and the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) that is designed to advance the wide dissemination of scholarship by humanities and social sciences faculty by promoting and publishing free, open access, digital editions of peer-reviewed, professional monographs. The Office of the Provost will award three grants of up to $15,000 each year for the next five years to support the publication of original long-form monographs by participating publishers. The internal review committee is now accepting proposals.



  • Full-time faculty in the humanities and social sciences at any UC campus are eligible. All co-authors must be UC faculty. 


Proposal Materials and Submission Guidelines

Applications must include the following: 

  • An abstract and description of the manuscript, including identification of the intended audience/market, explanation of the distinct contribution the book makes to a field or area of study, and brief explanation of how the project will benefit from being open access (2-3 pages) 
  • Annotated table of contents with brief chapter descriptions (1-2 pages) 
  • An introduction or sample chapter 
  • Length of the manuscript in words, including notes and bibliography
  • Number and type (color, b/w, maps, tables, etc.) of illustrations, if any 
  • Any supplemental or collateral material (data sets, videos, audio that could be included) 
  • Status of the manuscript
  • Subject categories (e.g., psychology, English, cultural anthropology)
  • List of presses to which the manuscript will be submitted (see list of participating presses) 
  • Curriculum vitae or resume. 

Proposals must consist of a single Word or PDF file submitted to by January 15, 2018.


Review Process

An internal review committee consisting of faculty members in the humanities and social sciences and a member of the Office of the Provost will review proposals to select the three award recipients. The review committee encourages the submission of original research that contributes new ideas to the humanities and social sciences, and that would benefit from a wide readership.

Recipients will have 30 days to submit materials to a participating publisher for review and consideration for a full contract or advance contract. A list of publishers participating in the OAMPI Initiative including the University of Cincinnati Press can be found here. Please consult each publisher’s website to determine the suitability of that press to the project. Recipients must agree to serve on the OAMPI selection committee the following year.

Please direct questions about the application guidelines to Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Strategic Initiatives, Dr. Keisha Love (513-556-7013).

The University of Cincinnati Press is also available to provide best practice guidelines for the submission of manuscript proposals, information on open access copyright and assistance with contract interpretation. For this type of information, please contact Mark Konecny, Scholarly Communication Library Publishing Services Coordinator (or 513-556-2511).