Provost Technology Innovation Award

Contact: Eileen Strempel, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, or 513-556-2588

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The Provost Technology Innovation Award is a signature program of the Office of the Provost which funds projects that allow for the development of original ideas to be turned into a reality for faculty and students. Supporting initiatives that improve the academic adventure at the University of Cincinnati remains a top priority of the Office of the Provost, and it is this drive that fuels this award.

The Office of the Provost funds a number of proposals across multiple UC colleges, all to keep the university’s educational experience on the cutting-edge.


Financial Resources

These awards are competitive. A total of $400,000 will be awarded, at a maximum cost of $200,000 per project. The funds must be used for acquisition, installation and implementation of IT/computing hardware, software and systems and equipment that enhances teaching and learning. Salaries are not eligible for funding (with the exception of contract employment for installation or training) but can be shown as cost share from colleges if they are necessary for the project. Collaborative efforts and broad impacts will be prioritized for funding, particularly those involving multiple colleges and/or benefiting a large number of students. Joint proposals should confirm support by all deans involved.


Proposals that will be considered should outline opportunities for colleges to build information technology (IT) and computing infrastructure (i.e. hardware, software,  e-systems), and enhance innovative teaching technologies (i.e. simulation equipment) for advancing teaching and e-learning (distance learning, online delivery and web-based instructions) and e-enabled research (computing, data storage and computational technology devices). Preference will be given to proposals that cross a minimum of two of UC’s colleges and have direct impact on students. Additionally, proposals that leverage the financial and in-kind contributions of external partners are strongly encouraged.

Proposals may be submitted by Deans or their designees and must include the following items (no more than 2 pages total):

  • Project title and list of participating colleges, departments or units.
  • Abstract and description – state rationale, goals and other specific foci.
  • Impact on students, and teaching and research effectiveness.
  • Budget and justification, and duration of project (not to exceed 1 year).


Deadlines for submission

The deadline for proposals includes two phases. Proposals are due to the lead Dean on December 2, 2016, with submission to the Office of the Provost due December 9, 2016. The review process will begin immediately following the deadline. Awarded projects may commence as early as January 9, 2017. We look forward to receiving your proposals.