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Program Assessment



Academic program assessment plans will help us build and then support common standards and mechanisms for academic program assessment and improvement university-wide. They give us ways to better understand student learning, to make changes to our curricula or our pedagogies in the interest of improving that learning, and then to define and explain the value and excellence of UC’s contributions to student learning at all levels, including faculty research and our involvement with the wider community.

The University has implemented a standardized process for collecting program assessment plans from each program, providing feedback on these plans, and displaying completed program assessment plans in a centralized location. This website articulates this process, provides resources for those faculty developing program assessment plans, and displays program assessment plans as they are completed.


Assessment Plan Development

Program assessment plans are developed by faculty within the program and are vetted through pre-existing governance structures within the program and college. CET&L has developed workshops, seminars, templates, and many other resources that Faculty are encouraged to utilize during the development of the program assessment plans. For more information on the resources available from CET&L, please see this link: CET&L Program Assessment

Assessment Plan Review

1. Associate Deans submit program assessment documents to Provost Office staff via:

2. Provost Office Staff sends program assessment document to an AC review team.

3. AC review team determines assessment plan as either:

A. Exemplary

Approved as an exemplary plan. Provide comments as feedback.

Provost Staff post plan online as an exemplary plan.

 B. Adequate

Approve with comments for potential improvement using a rubric. Comments go to Associate Dean.  If/when program creates revised plan, it is submitted via (beginning at step 1 again)

Provost Staff post plan online as an adequate plan.

 C. Inadequate or Incomplete

Not approved: send back with comments using the rubric. Comments/rubric go to Associate Dean.  College then responds to comments with updated document from program submitted via (beginning at step 1 again).

Inadequate or incomplete plans are not posted online.



Faculty Resources

We recognize that this process raises more of a challenge for some colleges than others. We are making every effort to support our faculty in creating thoughtful and valuable assessment plans. Here is a listing of resources we hope you find useful and are able to forward to your colleagues.

CET&L Resources – this website contains resources regarding how to develop, evaluate, and review Program Assessment Plans.

  • Workbooks
  • Presentations
  • Evaluation rubrics, and
  • Registration to in-person workshops and training sessions

eCurriculum Support – this website contains resources and training materials for eCurriculum users regarding how to submit, edit, and review curriculum and program information.