Due to the holidays and Winter Season Days, UC will be closed Dec. 25-Jan. 4. Reopening on Monday, Jan. 5, 2015.

All college, advising and business offices will be closed. This includes OneStop, Bursar, Financial Aid, Registrar and Admissions.

Essential security services, like Public Safety, will continue with normal operations.

Details at uc.edu/winterclosure.

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Members and Partners

Members and Partners


Committee Chair  
Gigi Escoe Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Cheryl Albrecht Associate Dean, University Libraries
Allen Arthur Associate Dean, CEAS
Frank Bowen Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
Kettil Cedercreutz Associate Provost and Director of Professional Practice
Cory Christopher UC Forward & Undergraduate Research
Chalee Engelhard Interim Associate Dean, CAHS
Terrell Finney Associate Dean, CCM
Marla Hall Faculty Senate, A&S Psychology
Janine Hartman Faculty Senate, A&S Romance Languages
Jennifer Krivickas DAAP, Head of Library
Patricia Kucker Associate Dean, DAAP
Marianne Lewis Associate Dean, LCB
Nicole Mayo Director of Student Activites & Leadership Development
Raj Mehta
Vice Provost for International Affairs & Director of UC Honors Program
Debra Merchant Associate Vice President for Student Services
Fran Meyer Sr. Associate Registrar
Caroline Miller Sr. Associate Vice President and Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
Marlene Miner Associate Dean, UCBA
Joanna Mitro Associate Dean, A&S
Pamela Person Office of Nationally Competitive Awards, and Center for First Year Experience
Trent Pinto Director, Residence Life Development
Yvette Pryse Assistant Professor, College of Nursing
Sue Roth Pre-Professional Advising
Lillian Santa Maria University Ombuds
Regina Sapona Associate Dean, CECH
Jennifer St. John Undergraduate Student Government Academic Affairs Committee
Felicia Wallace Director, Academic Excellence & Support Services
Tara Warden Enrollment Management, Provost Liaison
Adrian Hall Academic Researcher, Undergraduate Affairs