eLearning Committee

The eLearning Committee reviews and makes recommendations on eLearning-related strategies, standards, technologies, and policies that support the university’s Third Century goal to Excel in eLearning. The committee will be led and supported by co-chairs (AVP for eLearning Technology & Faculty Senate Appointee) who will also serve as the representatives to the IT Council.


  • Paul Foster
    AVP, Enterprise Academic Technology, UCIT
  • Adam Chekour
    Asst Prof of Mathematics, UCBA-Math Phys & Comp Sci

Selected Scope of Responsibilities:

  • Supports the implementation of the eLearning strategic plan in alignment with the Third Century
  • Reviews and recommends adoption of new and emerging technologies in the Canopy eLearning ecosystem
  • Reviews and recommends development and implementation of eLearning-related strategies, standards, and policy


The work of the eLearning Committee will be supported by the following sub-commitees.