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Poster Printing Information

Poster Printing Information

General tips for Creating Posters:


The URSC Office will be holding a “How to make a Poster/PPT Presentation” Session in early April- registered students will receive an email notification shortly regarding this event.

·         Posters are generally 4ft x 3ft or 2ft x 3ft

·         Maximum size we can accommodate is 4ft x 8ft

·         Minimum size is 2ft x 3ft  (people won't be able to see it from a distance).

·         Most students create their posters in PowerPoint


All students will be provided with poster boards/stands and push pins so all students will have to bring are their posters


·         Registered students will shortly be emailed a registration # that will correspond with their poster board #

·         Students can leave your poster up for the full 6 hours of the Conference even if they can only stand by it for 1 hour. Or if they can stay and hour, leave for class, and then come back for more time.


Poster Printing Information:

Before finding a place to print your posters…..

1. CHECK with your department first!! Various departments such as Chemistry, Psychology, DAAP, etc have printers available to students within their department.

2. If your department does NOT have a printer, below is information about 3 printing options/locations near/on campus


KINKO’s on Calhoun St.
Phone# is: 513-961-0104.

Takes about 24 hours for your order to be finished…

·         Cost is .75 cents /sq. ft for B & W

·         $ 7.75 per ft for Color

·         Maximum printing size: As big as 60 wide x up to 200 inches long (5 ft x 16.6ft)

·         10% off to students with a valid ID

·         Bring a PDF on a flash drive… but if you can’t convert to PDF, just bring your PowerPoint file on a flash drive and they will convert it.

The Second Best Option:

The CECH library prints posters, all info can be found at the website below:

Phone #: 513-556-1430

·         Cost – about $12 per foot for low color posters

·         $15 per foot for high color posters.

·         You MUST make an appointment prior to printing: 513-556-1430!!

****Also, their machine won’t print the poster unless it is formatted correctly. You have to set your poster size to exactly HALF the size in powerpoint that you want it to be printed…this can be very frustrating and a little complicated so please please please read the instructions carefully on the webpage above and if you are unsure just call them BEFORE you start formatting your poster!****

A Last Resort Option:

Printing service through the Health Professional Building
Contact: Bill Neibaur 513- 558-3264

·         Cost – about $84 for students for a 3ft x 4ft poster. Students can go bigger or smaller and the price will go up or down accordingly.

·         3-4 days notice REQUIRED



Buy a white poster board and print out all the text and pictures through your home computer printer and then cut them out neatly and carefully glue them to the white poster board. If you do this carefully and neatly this can look just as impressive as a printed poster though it won't be as big