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Project Overview

Students working on tablet and laptop

Over the next two years, the University of Cincinnati will undertake a $46 million project to bring its student information system (SIS) up-to-date. The university’s current homegrown system, UniverSIS, has served the university well over the years, but it is now time to replace it for several reasons:

  • UniverSIS is based on mainframe applications that are no longer easily supported.
  • The current system requires nightly updates, making it unavailable from Midnight to 6 a.m. every day.
  • The system does not provide the kind of end-user environment that students expect.

UC objectives supported by a new student information system

  • It will support the mission of the university and our ability to achieve Third Century strategic plan goals.
  • It will directly support students, from applicants to alumni.
  • It will be the primary student data relationship tool for faculty, students, and staff.
  • It will support the university in achieving its goal of Association of American Universities (AAU) status.