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External Peer Reviewer Selection Process

External Peer Reviewer Selection Process

An external peer reviewer was obtained for each of the fifty-two research based doctoral programs as a part of Phase 3. Below is the process the Graduate School followed to identify high-quality external peer reviewers.

 1.  Development of a listing of potential external reviewers:
  •  Obtained recommendations from the Graduate Program Faculty
  •  Utilized a listing of prior Graduate Program Review external reviewers
  •  Research performed by the Graduate School to identify other potential reviewers
2. Confirmation with the Graduate Program Directors
  • The listing of potential external reviewers was sent to the Graduate Program Directors and School Directors

                    a.        Feedback was received

                    b.        Potential conflicts of interests discussed

  • Listing of potential external reviewers was finalized
  • In some cases, names of external reviewers were removed/added based on discussion with the graduate program faculty
3. Prioritization of external reviewers was determined based on the following qualifications:
  • Peer Institution –  the external reviewer’s University is an AAU institution 
  • Program Prominence –  the external reviewer’s program is ranked:

                a.        Top 20% based on Academic Analytics

                b.        Top 15 based on U.S. News and World Report

  • Faculty Contribution – the external reviewer is a National Academy Member
  • Graduate Education Experience – the external reviewer showed evidence of involvement in Graduate Education (ex:  current or prior involvement in graduate education administration)
  • To ensure an independent review process and consistency across programs, priority was given to those qualified external reviewers who had not previously participated as a Graduate Program Reviewer.