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Framework for Integrated Decision Making (IDM)

"The variety and complexity of tasks performed by institutions of higher education produce an interdependence among constituent elements of the University. Adequate communication is therefore essential, and there must be full opportunity for appropriate joint planning and effort…"

-Article 27.1 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the University of Cincinnati and the American Association of University Professors, University of Cincinnati Chapter

Integrated decision making diagram

Proposals follow the integrated decision-making paths outlined in accordance with University Rules. This narative is illustrated visually in the flowchart above.

All-University Governance Committees
  1. Unit, college, university-wide governance committee or other entity submits proposal through an IDM submission form
  2. Proposal is logged  by Director of Special Academic Projects, Provost Office
  3. Proposal reviewed by Sr. Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Sr. Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance and forwarded for consideration to either AC or BC as appropriate
AC and BC
  1. seek advice from Fiscal Coordinating Committee as necessary
  2. review and endorse proposal and forward to Provost, or
  3. return to originating body for additional information
  1. seeks advice from Academic Operations Committee (AOC) and Faculty Senate as necessary
  2. reviews, endorses, and makes decision,  or
  3. forwards to President for review and recommendation, or
  4. returns to AC or BC for further information
  1. seeks advice from the Cabinet and Executive Committee
  2. reviews, endorses and makes decision, or
  3. forwards to Board per University Rules, or
  4. returns to Provost for further information and clarification
Board of Trustees
  1. reviews and makes decisions, or
  2. returns to the President for further information and clarification