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Third Century Initiatives

As the University of Cincinnati enters its Third Century, we're busy creating the future of higher education on our campus in Cincinnati and around the world. Our vibrant campus offers a host of emerging opportunities for faculty, students and staff to learn and research, to share and connect. The Office of the Provost focuses on three key Third Century initiatives: investing in and growing the capacity of our faculty, reimagining the student experience and excelling in a wide range of educational innovations, including eLearning.

Investing in Faculty

Lab worker


The Office of the Provost's strategic recruitment initiatives for UC's Third Century leverage existing faculty and institutional strengths with collaborations and interdisciplinary opportunities. The goal is simple and critical: attract and retain top researchers and teachers from around the world. Cluster Hiring, Strategic Hiring and Dual Career Assistance efforts enrich our University culture and make UC a destination for faculty who want to make a difference and help shape the future of higher education. Faculty also benefit from the Provost's strong network of leadership development initiatives and support systems designed to help them succeed and grow their careers as they thrive at UC.


Reimagining the Student Experience

Experiential Learning


Sitting passively in classrooms is so 20th Century. At UC, education takes shape on campus and in the field, in research labs and at work placements around the globe. Students benefit from hundreds of student activities and leadership opportunities operated through our Division of Student Affairs. Across campus and beyond, UC offers the kind of hands-on experiences that not only build attention-grabbing resumes, but lead to greater understanding of the world and their place in it.

Student Success Corridor

At UC, one of the world's most beautiful college campuses, the Office of the Provost is working to connect student support services across campus not just thematically, but physically. New investments in UC's Third Century include reimagining our main library, Langsam, as a hub for high-tech learning, collaboration and discovery.

UC Forward

UC Forward is an innovative approach to teaching, learning and research by building collaborations across disciplines to address the world's most important issues and challenges. Students and faculty work alongside external experts, sharing disciplinary expertise and building opportunities for the next generation of leaders.

Excelling in eLearning


Learning happens everywhere, in and out of the classroom. At UC students and faculty explore a world of online and on-campus learning with the latest technological tools and strategies. In addition to preparing students to work and succeed in a high-tech global economy, UC offers innovative teaching and learning opportunities through online courses and degree programs that complement face-to-face instruction.


eLearning for Students

eLearning for UC students has an ecosystem all its own, and it is known as Canopy. Canopy is an innovative, collaborative and student-centered suite of tools and technologies students need to connect, learn and share. From basic email to secure cloud storage, class management and a host of other resources, get familiar with Canopy and all it offers today.

eLearning for Faculty

Faculty at UC benefit from a comprehensive suite of eLearning tools in Canopy, the University's eLearning ecosystem. Through Canopy, faculty can access training on a wide range of technological tools as well as learn the basics of Blackboard, our course management system. On-demand and scheduled training opportunities include the exciting new eLearning Backpack Project.