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Fostering progress through collaboration & innovation

UC Forward is a philosophy, an idea, a re-imagining of what a university experience should be. It is a one-of-a-kind teaching, learning, and research initiative—pairing students and faculty with external experts, all from differing perspectives—to solve today's problems and develop tomorrow’s workforce in unique and relevant ways. Learn more

I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward. David Livingstone


Collaboratives are themed clusters of faculty and external stakeholders with shared interests who work across disciplines to develop innovative solutions to real world problems. Unlike traditional academic faculty clusters, members of these trans-disciplinary clusters focus not only on collaborative research, but also on collaborative teaching with colleagues and students from different schools of thought. 

Collaboratives provide faculty members with the opportunity to develop new technologies and research methods, cultivate new professional partners, and re-envision their own scholarly pursuits from fresh, multi-dimensional perspectives. Successful Collaboratives develop their own unique reputation and entrepreneurial prowess, and compared to individual investigators, members of research groups like UC Forward Collaboratives are more successful at securing external funds.

All UC Forward Collaboratives are solution-focused and actively involve students in helping to develop and implement these solutions. Some have developed innovative products and patents; others have identified new ways to improve existing systems or service ongoing community needs; still others have re-thought traditional approaches to performances, art, and ways of thinking. Regardless of their flavor, all Collaboratives offer students an exciting taste of whatproductive, professional careers in a complex, global community is like.  

"...the contemporary role of the expert is no longer only to master a certain area of expertise. It is equally a question of being able to interact with other fields of knowledge. To succeed, the world’s city experts have to act as know-ledge resources in constant dialogue with the world."

-Ecotopia; Walk the Talk, 11th Venice Biennale, 2008
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