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Fostering progress through collaboration & innovation

UC Forward is a philosophy, an idea, a re-imagining of what a university experience should be. It is a one-of-a-kind teaching, learning, and research initiative—pairing students and faculty with external experts, all from differing perspectives—to solve today's problems and develop tomorrow’s workforce in unique and relevant ways. Learn more

I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward. David Livingstone

Action Research Center

model for action research

The Action Research Center’s mission is to serve “as a focal point for educational and community-based participatory research efforts by scholars from across the University interested in exploring ways of making research more relevant in promoting social justice and in addressing critical problems and concerns both locally and globally.” We are now seeking faculty, students, staff, and community partners interested in joining us as members of the ARC. Membership provides opportunities to:

  • participate in Center sponsored programs and workshops related to action research,
  • receive information about available grants, conferences, and publications, and
  • develop collaborative relationships with colleagues and partners across the university and with community partners.


For more information please visit the Action Research Center's website.

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