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Fostering progress through collaboration & innovation

UC Forward is a philosophy, an idea, a re-imagining of what a university experience should be. It is a one-of-a-kind teaching, learning, and research initiative—pairing students and faculty with external experts, all from differing perspectives—to solve today's problems and develop tomorrow’s workforce in unique and relevant ways. Learn more

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Inquiry to Innovation

A UC Forward Gateway Course

In a global world, being smart and working hard isn't enough. Through collaborative learning experiences, students will be able to demonstrate clearly—precisely and convincingly—constructive, effective and transformative solution-oriented outcomes for problems brought by a client or user group.

Students will:

  • Identify and distinguish differences between types of collaboration
  • Perform as a constructive and effective member of a trans-disciplinary team
  • Appraise opportunities to create new perspectives for problem-solving
  • Conduct qualitative, quantitative and archival research
  • Synthesize research and ideas to develop initial concept prototypes
  • Justify solutions based on market and societal inquiry

Diverse Experiences

Each professor develops his or her own topic for the class to work on; the core of the course consists of learning cooperative techniques for idea generation and working on collaborative projects that employ these skills, with students researching and presenting on the topic. Examples in the past have included problems with urban Cincinnati, the Irish experience(s) in America, developing apps for democracy, apps for the University, and the future of the symphony orchestra. 

Comments from Previous Students
  • I was able to do something I had never done before, and I did it with a variety of personality types. It really showed me how groups of people interact in the business world.
  • The experiential aspect is truly what made the learning in this class. It was nontraditional, and almost all the learning was through working on the project and through activities done in the classroom.
  • I really liked how we were put into groups with people who were different disciplines and personalities. This really helped improve my communication skills, and also my ability to work well in teams.

"How do I find UC Forward courses?"


In One Stop, search for the "T" attribute in the drop-down menu. Can't find a course that fits your schedule or counts towards your degree? Ask your advisor for UC Forward course suggestions or contact the UC Forward office.

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