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Select Honors Seminars


In honors seminars, faculty challenge students with creative projects and experiences that take learning beyond the typical classroom. Honors seminars are typically small (15-25 students) and discussion based—an ideal way to connect with faculty and peers from across disciplines. 

Honors seminars challenge and broaden the intellectual horizons of University Honors students at all levels, regardless of the disciplines in which students are majoring. First year students are welcome to enroll in honors seminars. Typically, there are no pre-requisites.

Honors seminars are designed uniquely for honors students and are expected to align with one or more of the thematic areas - community engagement, global studies, leadership, and research and creative arts. They are also expected to engage students in experiential learning, taking learning beyond the typical classroom.

For additional information on the University Honors Program and specific collaborative opportunities, please visit their website.

Student Presentations

Students present final projects on sustainable solutions for a village India.

"How do I find UC Forward courses?"


In One Stop, search for the "T" attribute in the drop-down menu. Can't find a course that fits your schedule or counts towards your degree? Ask your advisor for UC Forward course suggestions or contact the UC Forward office.

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