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Art Therapy

Introduction to Art Therapy

Fall 2013

PSYC2008 / FAA2008, 3 credits
Tuesdays, 11:00—12:20 pm • UC Clermont College campus
Instructors: Meera Rastogi, PhD and Kim Taylor, MFA

To see and learn more about the course and the "Inside Out" art exhibit, visit the course Shutterfly site.

Click here for 20/20 audio presentation.

This course will engage students in learning about how art can be used to gain insight and improve wellbeing and how artists have used art for healing. Introduction to Art Therapy is a newly launched, collaborative course utilizing two UC instructors from psychology and fine art. The course will provide students with an interdisciplinary experience in and out of the classroom. During the semester, the combination of lecture and art making will culminate in community projects with groups in Hamilton and Clermont Counties. Students from a variety of disciplines and campuses will share experiences through the integration of psychology, fine art, art history and social work to gain an introductory insight into the use of art as therapy.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Articulate key theoretical foundations of art therapy and psychotherapy.
  • Describe the roles of art therapists in educational, clinical, and community settings.
  • Demonstrate an increased self-awareness and understanding of relevant genres and approaches to art.
  • Describe how different forms of art are used for self-expression.
  • Identify specific artists who approach art as therapy.
  • Articulate ways to integrate art and art therapy in one’s profession.

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