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Critical Visions

ANTH5075 / FAA5075, 4 credit hours

Spring 2014


Critical Visions Classroom scene

This course is designed to guide students through the process of identifying and critiquing dominant ways of seeing in a way that builds on their individualized coursework in critical theory, social analysis, and art, media, or design practice as part of the Critical Visions certificate program.

Students will learn to effectively integrate critical theory, social analysis, and creative practice in a single focused project. They will conceptualize and execute creative projects with substantial critical analytic and research components. Each project will function independently and collaboratively as part of a student-produced and edited journal, CVSN. Students will work together and with an international team of editorial, production, and design advisors to produce the journal, organized around a single theme each year. The theme for 2014 is "the real."

See excerpts from the inaugural issue of CVSN on the theme "space" here:

Learn more about the certificate program here: and

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