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Cyberattack Red Team

IT5035c and PolSci5035c Cyberattack Red Team Collaborative Seminar

Can we live in a secure digital space? This UC Forward-taught seminar will challenge a multidisciplinary set of students to understand cybersecurity and cyberaggression (cybercrime, cyberespionage, or cyberwar). Student teams will develop scenarios to engage in and defend against some form of cyberaggression. Teams will define a target and objective, design both the strategy and means to attack a relevant computer network or digital interface to achieve their objective and then be called upon to defend against another team's attack.

Professors Richard Harknett from Political Science and Mark Stockman from Information Technology will team-teach this course.

Student Learning Outcomes

• Demonstrate competency in the behavioral, political/strategic, and technical aspects of cybersecurity
• Perform as a constructive and effective member of a trans-disciplinary team
• Appraise opportunities to create new perspectives for problem-solving
• Conduct qualitative, quantitative and archival research
• Synthesize research and ideas to develop initial cyberattack framework
• Develop advisory input for external partner(s)


Because of the anticipated demand of this course, students will be selected to participate based on interest, background in security, and student achievement.

To apply send an email with your name, major, GPA, graduation date, statement of interest, statement describing past security studies experience (courses, work, etc.), and resume (optional) to Applications due October 30th.


The course was visited by WVXU reporter Ann Thompson in Spring 2013 and a story was run on her radio show in which UC Forward students were interviewed:

Another article ran in UC's News Record; see

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