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Fostering progress through collaboration & innovation

UC Forward is a philosophy, an idea, a re-imagining of what a university experience should be. It is a one-of-a-kind teaching, learning, and research initiative—pairing students and faculty with external experts, all from differing perspectives—to solve today's problems and develop tomorrow’s workforce in unique and relevant ways. Learn more

I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward. David Livingstone

Innovation Transformation

Introduction to Innovation Transformation

INTR2099C, 3 credits, Spring Semester 2013

This course will focus on introducing the students to the certificate's infrastructure and foundational mission as well as developing their skills in collaboration, communication, team building and self-assessment.  The course will provide opportunities for the students to practice and reflect on their collaborative efforts.   In addition to the core objectives the students will be provided opportunities to network with students across the university encouraging interdisciplinary efforts.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain opposing value systems and paradigms to create powerful outcomes.
  • Describe the concept and importance of innovation.
  • Describe the concept and importance of commercialization/entrepreneurship.
  • Explain the concept and importance of being and facilitating a force for change.
  • Utilize effective self-directed teamwork, leadership, and motivation skills.
  • Utilize self-assessed personal strengths/weaknesses while communicating knowledge and experience.

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