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Fostering progress through collaboration & innovation

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Science Communications

Innovations in Science Communications

This course pairs undergraduate students from a variety of scientific disciplines with undergraduate journalism students and pairs these teams of undergraduates with graduate students researching Biological and Environmental Health subjects.

In this collaborative environment, students will learn how to work together, translate across jargon-filled content areas and develop new and innovative ways to relay critical scientific information to the public.

Innovations in Science Communications will serve as an ongoing effort to create a warehouse of easily accessible and understandable information online and in other published forms while training scientists to consider the implications of sharing the value of their work, and training journalists to condense and communicate complicated topics simply and elegantly.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Create clear project goals and outcomes: these will be measured by the completion of project proposals and follow-through.
  • Distill complicated scientific information into jargon-free communications: this will be measured by the ability to create short, public-ready articles about scientific topics about research areas.
  • Work collaboratively in a team environment to create new media products: this will be measured by expert evaluation of final class projects.
  • Write clear, concise scripts for podcasts/other media: this will be measured by outside evaluation of new media projects.
  • Communicate key skills and knowledge from their own disciplines to students from other disciplines: this will be measured by quality of final projects and final reflections on teaching / learning process.

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