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Transforming Lives

Below is a sample of student work made upon return from India.

Kids jumping

UC students in India

INTB5020 Transforming lives, connecting globally engaging locally: Job skills and visibility for women rescued from the sex trade.

This course focuses on gender, education, and the interplay of environment and globalization in the context of an important global issue: the restitution of trafficked girls.

The course is designed as a service learning course, meant to be interdisciplinary in nature, attracting students from the colleges of business, design,  journalism, education, DAAP,  sociology and gender studies.

Faculty members are from the Marketing Department in the Lindner College of Business, and Journalism in the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences.   Our local partners who will speak to our students are End Slavery in Cincinnati. 

Students will get to see and learn first-hand from social entrepreneurs in India who make a difference through their social organizations.  In order to see the total outlay of the mechanisms involved, the study will focus on source, transit, destination areas and the sex tourism factors. This would be a holistic approach to look at the focus of our study by way of valuable inputs that will finally lead to the development of a business model for sustainability of rescued survivors.

In India our partner organization is Sthree. The study is being done in coordination with the head of Sthree, Ms Hema Bedi who recently won the esteemed Sonia Gandhi award for her sustained work with trafficked girls in India.  Sthree has recommended that visits be made to the partner NGOs in Delhi (STOP), Mysore (Odanadi) , and Goa (ARZ) to get a holistic perspective of human trafficking, cross border and within the borders of India.

Our students will work with these NGO’s, to assess their needs, develop a strategy and  business model for them that enables them to be sustainable and visible. This could include designing a marketing campaign for the current products made by the girls and assessing the skill sets that can empower these women, thus giving both the organizations and the issue a voice. Students will also document their story, and the efforts of these brave women to reenter society.

It is our goal that the stories captured in videos that the students create after the trip will assist the Indian NGO’s, and inform other students and the UC community about the course. More importantly, through local organizations in Cincinnati, students now learn that although they are looking at this issue in India, this is indeed a global problem with much work that can be done locally in Cincinnati (Ohio ranks third in sex trafficking).  We hope to harness the passion of our  students to now focus on the problem in our own communities once they have finished the course.

Please watch student documentaries and the blogs below, produced in Spring 2013: Kathleen Bolon Ashley by Alyse Zook Michelle Selnick / Heather Cochran Kaila Partin / Ndye

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