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 As part of our efforts to comply with Ohio homeland security requirements and improve our screening process, we have revised the manner by which we conduct pre-employment criminal history checks. 

For some time, Public Safety has conducted criminal history checks on all applicants for classified positions who qualify for employment. 

Public Safety has implemented an improved criminal history check system called "WebCheck".  This system electronically scans an applicant’s fingerprints and sends them to the Ohio Bureau of Identification for a check of the applicant’s state record.  The prints can also be forwarded to the FBI, if necessary, for a national check.

It is recommended that only final applicants be checked, rather than all applicants who qualify for employment. However, an applicant from out-of-town, even though he or she may not be the final candidate, can be required to submit to the check at the time of the interview.

Current employees applying for transfer or promotion will not be subject to this check.

As is current practice, the record will be reviewed by Public Safety to determine if the applicant is to be recommended for employment at the University.

A sample conditional offer letter which includes this requirement and the requirements regarding homeland security can be found at .
Public Safety also provides criminal history checks for those outside of the university.


We provide fingerprinting services for licensing, etc.
Applicants must bring their blank fingerprint card with them during the hours below.

The Badge and Key office located at Four Edwards Center performs criminal history checks and fingerprinting from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

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