Campus Security Authorities

Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are officials with significant responsibility for student and campus activities: campus police, individuals who have responsibility for campus security and individuals or offices designated to receive crime reports. Faculty who do not have responsibilities outside of the classroom, campus physicians or nurses whose only responsibility is to provide care to students and pastoral or professional counselors acting in those specific roles are not CSAs.

Examples of CSAs include:

  • Resident assistants
  • Residence life staff
  • Greek life advisors
  • Coaches and athletic directors
  • Dean of Students
  • Faculty advisors to student groups
  • Study abroad faculty leaders

CSAs are responsible for making a report to the Public Safety Department or the Clery Compliance Coordinator if someone tells them about a crime or incident that might be a crime. This can be done by calling UCPD and making a report or filling out the CSA reporting form and emailing it to The CSA must share the information as reported to them. When in doubt, report it. CSAs must also tell the person who disclosed the crime to them that they are required to share the information.