Public Safety

Public Safety

Fire & Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Planning

The Office of Emergency Services is the coordination point for the University Emergency Operations Plan, which describes how the University will handle emergency situations, and which departments are responsible for what functions.  We also provide advice and consultation for colleges and units within the University on their individual plans.  Emergency Services represents UC on the various regional and statewide emergency planning organizations and committees.

Fire Prevention

The inspectors in the Fire Prevention unit provide life safety inspections of buildings and facilities throughout the University, as well as providing training and education for students and employees.  Fire Prevention is the coordination point for members of the campus community who are planning events that require permits such as open flame, outdoor grilling, and tents or canopies.  They also serve as the liaison between UC and the fire departments that serve our campuses.

Protection Systems

The technicians in the Protection Systems unit test, maintain, and repair the over 15,000 fire alarm devices located throughout the University of Cincinnati.  The fire alarm system also serves as the backbone of UC’s Emergency Alert System, which is used to provide voice warnings and instructions throughout our buildings in an emergency.