Public Safety

Public Safety

Fire Safety in Apartments

Before You Sign A Rental Agreement...


Answer These 20 Questions

As you search for off-campus housing, keep fire and crime prevention in mind.  These questions were developed by the Department of Public Safety to help guide you to finding a safe rental property. By no means is this list all-inclusive, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at (513) 556-4900.

1.   Are smoke detectors installed in each sleeping area? Do they work?
2.   Are the smoke detectors battery powered or 120 volt?
3.   Who tests them, and how often?
4.   Is there a building wide fire alarm?
5.   Does the building have a fire sprinkler system?
6.   Are there at least two ways to exit your living area and the building?
7.   Is there a fire extinguisher in the kitchen? When was it last tested?
8.   What is the owner's policy and method for correcting safety problems in the building?
9.   Is the owner a member in good standing in a landlord/tenant association or other housing  association or other housing association?
10.  Does the building have off-street parking?
11.  Is the parking lot well lit at night? Is it easily visible from the street and the building?
12.  Does it require a key to enter the building? Do the doors close and lock automatically behind you?
13.  Are the public areas well lit and cared for?
14.  Does the apartment have a solid door with a deadbolt lock?
15.  Who has keys to enter the apartment? How are keys protected?
16.  Can you have the lock re-keyed?
17.  What is the history of crime in the building and lot?
18.  What is the owner's policy and method for correcting security problems in the building?
19.  Is there graffiti or signs of vandalism on the building or nearby buildings?
20.  What is the crime rate in the neighborhood (check with the local police district)?