Public Safety

Public Safety

Bicycle Information

Bike Registration

The University of Cincinnati offers to any and all students who will be or are currently bringing their bicycles to any of our properties, information pertaining to registration, as well as bike safety, laws and security.

Police Department #3 Edwards Building has these forms. Fill out with all the information pertaining to Make/Model/Serial Number/Color/Size of the Bicycle, plus personal information for the owner. A numbered sticker will be provided. This is to be placed on the main frame of the bicycle. This information is forwarded to the Police Division to be entered into the computer to be used to identify the property in case of theft.

Bike Security

The most frequent thefts occur when a standard lock/cable system is used to secure a bicycle. We recommend the use of a U-type lock. The U-lock should be used to interlock both the frame and the front tire, being sure to affix it to the bike rack itself.

We request that all bicycles be secured at appropriate located bike racks, which are located throughout our campus. Bicycles are not to be secured to interior stairwell handrails. This is a Fire/Safe Hazard and the vehicle can be removed from the location and held until the owner responds if we cannot readily locate the owner through the Bike Registration on file.

Bike Laws

A significant number of Ohio’s traffic laws apply to bicyclist as well as motorists. Bicyclists share the road with motorists and consequently must abide by the same regulations that govern motorists. In addition to these laws, bicyclists are required to adhere to some special rules just for bicyclists as described in the Ohio Revised Code. Bicycles are to use roadways or bike paths when provided. The riding of bicycles on sidewalks are subject to local laws. The City of Cincinnati has specific ordinances pertaining City Ordinances pertaining to bicycles using sidewalks.

For a copy of the Ohio Laws pertaining to Bicycles:

Write to:
Ohio Department of Transportation Bicycle Transportation 25 S. Front Street. Columbus, Ohio 43216-0899

Or Contact: UC Police - Crime Prevention 556-4924

For information on City of Cincinnati Ordinances: Contact: Cincinnati Police - Traffic Section (513)352-2514

Bike Safety: Obey all laws pertaining to bicycles and their operation.


About 75% of all bicyclists who die each year die from head injuries. Many more are permanently impaired as the result of hitting their heads. To purchase a bike helmet is up to you, however the cost ($25-35) is awfully small when compared with the medical bills and possible grief from a head injury. Go with a hard-shell bike helmet; several styles and sizes are available wherever bicycles/parts are sold.

Bicycle Equipment:

Bicycles should be equipped with the following: Front - lamp, Rear red reflector, Rear red light, Front reflector, Reflective sidewalls or spoke reflectors, Warning devices: a bell or some device, other than a siren or whistle, which would be audible within at least 100 feet. and Brakes.

Night-time riding:

Certain types of accidents happen most often after dark. Most crashes in which a car coming up from the rear hits a bike while overtaking, happen at night. These ‘overtaking’ accidents can be very serious and about 25% of all fatal/car/bike collision are of this type and involve cyclists whose median age is about twenty (20) years. Night-riding can be done safely by using appropriate lights and reflectors and wearing light-colored clothing with reflective tape. Also, watch your shadow in the headlights of overtaking cars. If your shadow moves to the right as the car approaches from the rear, this mens it is moving left to pass you. If your shadow stays right in front of you, it mean the car is headed straight for you. GET OUT OF THE WAY!