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There has been an express concern for further information pertaining to Rohypnol. This drug is a very potent tranquilizer similar in nature to Valium, but many times stronger. The drug produces a sedative effect, amnesia, muscle relaxation, and a slowing of psychomotor responses. Sedation occurs 20-30 minutes after administration and last for several hours.

There are various street names for this drug. It is also called "ruffies, 'roche", "R-2", "rib" and "rope" and reportedly is quickly becoming the "date rape drug of choice.

Rohypnol is used to enhance the effects of alcohol or marijuana and causes the individual to become sleepy or may have the amnesia effect. This amnesia effect is like an alcohol blackout, but it does not necessarily mean unconsciousness. An individual could be up and walking around, but doesn't store long-term memory.

In a Date Rape situation, the victim will remember only drinking one or two drinks and have no memory, no flashes - a total blackout. A victim may associate this effect with the alcohol, but consumption wasn't really that great.

Incidents where a possible victim suspects Rohypnol needs to report it as quickly as possible. The drug is only detectable for about 60 hours after it is taken. Rape victims usually do not come forward and say what happened. If they don't remember or have a spotty memory, the potential is usually higher that they will question what happened.

Rohypnol, particularly when mixed with alcohol or other drugs may lead to respiratory depression, aspiration, and even death. If taken repeatedly, it can lead to physical and psychic dependence, which is thought to increase with both dose and duration of use. Also, usage can lead to other addictive drugs.

Users can appear extremely intoxicated, with slurred speech, no coordination, swaying, and blood-shot eyes---with no odor of alcohol. Once physical dependence has developed, abrupt termination of the drug will result in withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, muscle pains, extreme anxiety, tension, confusion and irritability. Extreme cases of withdrawal may experience numbness and tingling of the extremities, hypersensitivity to light and noise, convulsions and hallucinations.

If Rohypnol usage is suspected, it will only show in urine if a urine test is administered. A specific request must be made at the time to identify this drug.

All individuals need to be more perceptive or vigilant about the possible use of this drug, and when they go out to the bars they will be more careful about where they put their glasses.

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Also refer to an article published in the June 28, 1996 issue "The Chronicle of Higher Education" The 'Date-rape drug', by Kit Lively