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Public Safety

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Emergency Alerts, Crime Alerts – How Public Safety communicates with the community

Emergency Alert System (EAS)

The University operates an Emergency Alert System (EAS) to provide warning to the campus community of immediate threats to life and health.  This system is used to alert UC of such hazards as tornados, chemical spills, shootings, and other critical emergencies. 

The EAS consists of multiple channels, designed to reach as many people as possible.  The primary channel is voice announcements over the campus wide fire alarm network.  This provides an immediate message to everyone in the affected buildings.  The secondary channel is text messaging to cellular phones.  Students are asked to provide a cellular phone number when they register through One Stop, and employees are asked to do so when they update their directory information. The University strongly urges all students and employees to subscribe.  The EAS also sends an email to all UC email subscribers.  For emergencies with a longer term impact, the University home page ( will change to an emergency information page, and the campus status voice mailbox (556-3333) will also be updated.

In some cases only part of the EAS may be activated.  For example, an emergency confined to one building, such as a fire, may only require warning the occupants of that building by the fire alarm system. 

Crime Alerts

Federal law requires UC to notify all members of the campus community when potentially dangerous criminal situations occur near the campus.  These crime alerts are intended to provide the UC community with information that may help them protect themselves from criminal activity.  They are issued when the UC Police receive a report of a crime or crimes that present an ongoing threat to the UC community.  While crime alerts are issued for violent offenses such as robberies, they may also be issued for non-violent offenses if a pattern or trend indicates an ongoing threat to the community.  Crime alerts are sent to all UC students and employees by email, and are generated for crimes reported in the area outlined below.  Because these notifications are mandated by law, students and employees cannot opt out of these alerts. Crime alerts can also be received by text message if desired, by signing up for the Campus Safety Network (see below).

Campus Map

Crime alerts are issued for offenses within the area outlined in yellow

Campus Closings – Winter Weather

While not an emergency, Public Safety notifies the campus community when one or more campuses are closed or delayed due to winter weather.  The decision to close or delay classes is normally announced by 5AM, and is distributed through multiple channels. 

·         A statement is sent to the news media for broadcast

·         An email is sent to all UC email accounts

·         A text message is sent to all students and staff who have provided a cellular phone number

·         The closing or delay is posted on the UC home page (

·         The closing or delay information is added to the campus status voicemail box (556-3333).

Additional Communications

For those who wish to receive more safety information, Public Safety offers a number of other methods to stay updated.

Campus Safety Network – This service provides crime prevention and fire prevention information by email, web, and text messaging.  EAS and crime alert messages are also mirrored on this system.  You can sign up on our web page at  The service is provided by Nixle, and can also be subscribed to through their home page at  Subscribers can choose how and when they want to receive the various types of messages, and you may find that your home community police use the same platform.  Since this service is available to the public, it is the choice of many parents who want to keep up with safety issues on the campus. 

Twitter – You can follow us at UCPublicSafety for general information and safety tips.  We also operate UCemergency for crime alerts and EAS messages.

Facebook – Friend us at UC Public Safety on Facebook.

Chat – Join us for live chats online as part of the Be Safe program co-sponsored by Public Safety and Parking Services.  For information, visit

Web – You can always visit us on the web at

Crime Hotline – If you have information about crime on or around campus, you can call our anonymous tip line at 556-COPS. 

General Information – We can be reached by phone at (513) 556-4900.

To report a crime (non-emergency) – Our dispatch center can be reached at (513) 556-1111.

Emergencies – On Campus

Dial 911 on any campus phone

(513) 556-1111 on your cellular phone

Emergencies – Off Campus

Dial 911