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Prevention through Intervention

A collaborative approach to preventing violence on campus.

Violence on American campuses remains a rare occurrence. Nonetheless, such a possibility requires a plan that calls for purposeful action and shared responsibilities. Following the Virginia Tech tragedy, the University of Cincinnati added a prevention program – Prevention Through Intervention – to an already strong plan that included preparation, response, and recovery.

When large scale violence occurs, it often occurs at the hands of an individual who has felt desperate and distressed for some time. Helping distressed people sooner can prevent violence. The Prevention Through Intervention program brings together the responsiveness and expertise of a dozen UC services. A phone call to any one of these offices sets in motion a coordinated response that can help a troubled individual before a crisis stage.

All members of the UC community – students, faculty, and staff – have a shared responsibility to keep the campus as safe and secure as possible. If you suspect someone may be in need of assistance, or if you just have a question, contact any of the offices listed below. All incidents and reports are taken seriously. Reports may be made anonymously.

  • American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Committee - 513-556-5503
  • Counseling Center - 513-556-0648
  • Dean of Students - 513-556-5250
  • Disability Services - 513-556-6823
  • Labor Relations - 513-556-0143
  • Public Safety and Police Emergencies
    • Emergency - 911
    • Non-Emergency - 513-556-1111
  • University Health Services
    • Students - 513-556-2564
    • Employees - 513-584-4457
  • University Judicial Affairs - 513-556-6814
  • Womans's Center - 513-556-4401

Helpful Resources:

Prevention Through Intervention Brochure (PDF)

Task Force on Ohio College Campus Safety and Security (PDF)

The Emergency Alert System During an Armed Attack (PDF)

Call the Office of Emergency Services: