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Welcome To Advisor Toolbox

Advisor toolbox provides convenient access via a web browser to frequently used student advising information for a range of users, including faculty advisors, professional advisors, advising administrators and others with a legitimate need.

Protecting the privacy of student records

Advisor Toolbox users are reponsible for knowing and adhering to University policy, state and federal law regarding protecting the privacy of student records.  Follow the links below for more important information:

Office of the University Registrar FERPA and Privacy information

University of Cincinnati Data Protection Policy

Advisor Toolbox Quick Links


Appropriate use of the Toolbox by those with a "legitimate educational interest"

Student education records accessible through the advisor toolbox are protected by FERPA from both inappropriate access and release.  Under FERPA, a university official may gain access to student education records only if that individual has a "legitimate educational interest" in that information; that is to say, the individual needs the education record(s) to discharge his or her official UC responsibilities.  Advisor Toolbox, therefore should be used by UC personnel only when performing individual advising work for a student.  For example, accessing the education record of a student who is enrolled in the advisor's class, but who is not also the instructor's advisee, would not fall under "legitimate educational interest" and so would not be FERPA compliant.  An advising relationship that meets the requirements of legitimate education interest can be defined formally, when a student is assigned to an advisor by the department or dean's office or informally, when a student outside a department or college needs advising that requires access to the student's education record.

Welcome to Advisor Toolbox

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New users must first request access permission using the Request for UniverSIS Functions form, managed by the Office of the University Registrar

  • Current UniverSIS users, and non-UniverSIS users requesting access only to the Toolbox, need to complete only a Request for UniverSIS Functions with "Advisor-Toolbox" specified (follow link below). 
  • Access to other UniverSIS functions via the mainframe also requires a Mainframe Request Form (follow link below).  For more information about the process to request access, send a message to Registrar.Info or visit Technology Services.

User Account Access Request Forms for UniverSIS and Mainframe

User Account

Upon accessing the toolbox, you will be asked to authenticate your identity using your UC Central Login Service (CLS) account username and password.

If you receive an error upon attempting login:

  • If you do not know your CLS username or password, contact the UCit help desk or 513-556-HELP (4357).
  • If your CLS Login is OK but you are not permitted access to the Toolbox, you can confirm that you have been granted access with the Registrar's Office by sending a message to Registrar.Info.

Importance of Logging out

  • After 30 minutes of non-use your login session will time out and it will be necessary to log in again.
  • To log out, click the logout button
  • Please log out when finished to protect any sensitive on-screen information

Basic Instructions & Toolbox Service Pages

  • Log in to Advisor Toolbox here:
  • After logging in, connect to a student information page by hovering over the Toolbox Services link and then clicking on a menu option.  Note: a good starting place is Student Summary.
  • To access a student record, enter the student's UCID (i.e. M00456789).  Currently searching by student name is not available.

The Toolbox Services are:

Academic Summary

  • Student Mailing Address, Phone, Email, UC Degrees awarded, Enrollment Summary

Academic Record

  • Term, Course Title, Section, Level, Hrs, Grade Type, Grade, Repeated status

Grade Report

  • Student Program, Classification, Academic Area, Qtr/College/University GPA        

Test Scores

  • ACT, AP, Placement Tests, etc.

UC Class Rank

  • Numeric and percentage       

Academic Program

  • Student's Programs including majors, minors, certificates, Honors Scholar, Cincinnatus Level, Academic Program Status i.e. Change, Conversion, Graduated

Student Schedule

  • Student Program Location, Credit Level

Associated Advisor(s)

Service Block

  • Including block type: Transcript & Grades, Registration        

Credit Evaluation Report

  • Date Taken, External Course, Award Hours, UC Equivalent, sorted by institution   

H.S. Transcripts

  • GPA, H.S. Class Rank, Subject Summary

College Transcripts

  • Awards (non-UC degree awarded), Credit Hours Attempted, GPA, Quality Points for each transcript

Transfer Portfolio

  • Standard Credit total, Award Hr Total, CEEB, Ext Course ID, Ext Course Title, UC Course ID, UC Course Title, Award Hrs, Pending/Posted status, School Name, School Std Credit, Total, Award Hrs Total by school

Advisees IAPs

  • IAP Advisees (semester conversion).  Select Advisor or Approver role.  Used for semester conversion advising.  Displays student Verify My Major and Individual Advising Plan information for students assigned to an IAP Advisor or IAP Approver, including IAP code and student's verified program ID. 

Advisor IAPs

  • Student Individual Advising Plans (semester conversion IAP) created by the advisor specified in the Advisor/Approver Username field.  Highlight a row to view, void or show IAP progress.

Approver IAPs

  • Student Individual Advising Plans (semester conversion IAP) assigned to the IAP Approver specified in the Advisor/Approver Username field.  Highlight a row to view or show IAP progress.

Advisor Toolbox Documentation

  • Visit the academic advising Blackboard Community at for more information about the Advisor Toolbox, including user guides and other documentation.


How do I contact the UCit Help Desk for Password help? 

Contact the UCit Help Desk

Where do I login to the toolbox? 

Login to Advisor Toolbox here.  Your username and password for Advisor Toolbox are the same as those through Central Login Service (CLS).

What should I do if I receive a “not eligible” message upon login? 

Complete a UniverSIS Request Form specifying Advisor Toolbox.  For questions about the status of your Advisor Toolbox account, send an email to

What student information is available in the toolbox? 

Available Toolbox Services can be found here.

How can I notify my students that an IAP is ready for their approval in addition to the automatic system email message? 

You can email the student.  Student email uses the format  The student username is available in the Advisor IAPs and Approver IAPs page.  You can also add a Starfish Connect To-Do to the student's Starfish folder and send a Starfish Note by email.

What causes an IAP Error? 

An error occurs when the academic program specified on the IAP does not match the student’s active program or when the expected completion term specified on the IAP is not within the active terms for a student’s program.

Advisor Toolbox Issue Resolution 


  • A known email issue is causing some IAPs to return an error upon student approval after the IAP is approved and recorded.  Issue now resolved.


  • Network and email problems starting 5/19/12 and ending 5/21/12 caused Errors in IAP processing upon student approval. The issues are resolved.

4/9/12 11:40 AM

  • Advisor toolbox is offline.  Issue Resolved: service restored 12:10 PM.

4/1/12 6:00 AM - 8:00 AM

  • UniverSIS, Advisor Toolbox, Financier, One Stop, DARSweb and all related applications will be unavailable Sunday morning from 6:00 am - 8:00 am for maintenance.

3/28/12/10:30 AM

  • Issue resolved: Advisor IAPs page - Add Note icon not appearing under IAP Requirements sections.  Temporarily, the add Notes icon will appear regardless of IAP state .

3/28/12 9:00 AM  - 9:30 AM

  • Release of changes to Advisor IAPs page defaults.  The application will be unavailable.  Release successful.
    • Total IAPs listed = 200
    • Show In Progress IAPs Checkbox Selected
    • Allow for different advisor after IAP is voided


  • Release of new application with modified code and indexing  to improve response time.