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Reading Days Week: M-Only, W-Only Class Swap

The following scheduling updates for the week of October 7, 2013 will take place to incorporate the Fall Reading Days (Monday and Tuesday, October 7 & 8).

  • Monday-only Classes.  All Monday-only classes will convene on Wednesday, October 9, at their regularly-scheduled meeting time and in the building / classroom assigned to the class for the semester.
  • This includes Monday-only recitations and laboratories where the lecture meeting of the class might be held on Tuesday and Thursday in a different room.
  • If a student identifies a pre-existing conflict with the class meeting rescheduled for October 9 (e.g., the student works on Wednesdays during the class time), you are asked to make appropriate accommodations.
  • Wednesday-only Classes.  For all Wednesday-only class sections, the Wednesday, October 9 class meeting is cancelled to avoid classroom space conflicts.
  • Classes meeting in any combination including Wednesday, but not Monday (e.g., WF, WR, WRF, TW, etc.).  The Wednesday, October 9 class meeting is cancelled.

FAQs for M-only, W-only swap

Q:  What if my class meets on MWF?
A:  MWF Classes are not affected.  The Monday, October 7 class will not convene, but the Wednesday, October 9 meeting for MWF classes will be held as scheduled. This is also true for classes that meet MTW, MWR, etc.

Q:  What happens to the canceled October 9 class meeting?
A:  A canceled October 9 class meeting, due to the above changes, will not be rescheduled.

Q:  What if my class meets on MT, MR, or MF?
A:  The Monday meeting will not convene on Wednesday, October 9. All canceled Tuesday October 8 meetings are not rescheduled.

Q:  Who can I contact with more specific questions?
A:  Please contact the Registrar’s Office: