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Online Class Grading Instructions


Read the announcements and reminders (they could apply to what you’re doing) and pay special attention to the deadline for submitting your grades.

In the announcements and reminders, click on either Online Class Grading or Online Change of Grade.  Both links lead to the same application.

When prompted with the Central Login Service sign-on, enter your username and password and click the Log In button.  Only the primary instructor of record is permitted to record or change grades.  Departmental secretaries or teaching assistants are not permitted to do this for the instructor.

Select the term from the pull-down menu that accurately reflects the term you are grading.  There may be as many as five terms available in the pull-down.  Be sure you select the term in the correct academic year you’re grading.  (Terms are listed older to more recent in the pull-down menu.)

After you have selected the correct term, the screen will refresh with a listing of those classes for the term in which you are identified as the primary instructor of record. 


Instructions for submitting grades

Take a close look at the list of classes you are expected to grade:

  • If you teach multiple sections of a course, you can identify the correct section by reviewing the Days/Start Times provided for the class.  TBA classes will not have Days/Start Times listed.
  • If a student has withdrawn from your class and you have not yet graded that student, a “Y” will appear under the Review Withdrawal header.  You must answer the question of participation and grading for this student before you will be given the opportunity to grade the entire class.
  • The number of students enrolled in your class is displayed for you.
  • Grade lists that have already been submitted to the Registrar’s Office will be identified by the presence of a “Y” under the Submitted to Registrar header.  After grades have been submitted, you may be able to change a previously submitted grade.  (See Section III. for instructions on changing a grade.)

Select the class section you would like to grade by clicking on the Class Number.  If you have withdrawn students for whom a final grade has not yet been recorded, those withdrawn students will display for grading.  You must grade those students before the entire grade list is presented.

Factoring into your grading of a withdrawn student is whether the student participated in the class.  Minimum participation is achieved with a single class attendance or submission of assigned work.  If the student DID NOT participate, click on the radio button that indicates “No Participation” and the student will be given the “WX” grade.  If the student DID participate, click on the radio button that indicates “Yes Participation” and grade the student with the “W” or “F” grade.  After all withdrawn students have been graded, you will be prompted to proceed on with final grading of the class you had selected. 

When the grade list is presented to you, those students who have officially withdrawn will appear with the final grades given along with the answer to the participation question.  If the student remains ungraded at this point it is safe to assume that he/she has not officially withdrawn from your class.  Unofficial withdrawal grades of “UW” (Unofficial withdrawal with participation) and “X” (Unofficial withdrawal without participation) should be assigned as needed. 

If you wish to grade all of your students in this class on a Pass/Fail basis, click the Pass/Fail button located immediately under the Class Title.  This must be done before entering any further grades or you will need to contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance. 

While you’re looking at your grade list, be aware of the Grade Type column immediately located to the left of the Grade box:

  • Grade Type of N indicates normal grading (A, B, C, etc. grades are required).
  • Grade Type of W indicates the student has officially withdrawn.
  • Grade Type of P indicates Pass/Fail grades are required.
  • Grade Type of A indicates Audit grades are required.  A passing audit grade (“T”) should not be awarded automatically but rather only if the auditor has participated in the class to the level of your passing expectation.  It is possible, and appropriate at times, to record an “F” grade to an auditor that has failed.

Keeping the Grade Type in mind while you enter your final grades will guide you in recording appropriate grades and prevent you from getting error messages when you save your grades.

The Grade List displays a maximum of 50 students on a screen.  If you have more than 50 students in your class, you will need to enter the first 50 grades and click the save button before paging forward to the subsequent pages.  Every student must be graded in order to submit your grades. 

At the bottom of the grade list you will see a button that allows you to Save Grades, but at this point you will not see a Submit button.  After all students have been graded, click the Save Grades button.  Your grades will be uploaded into our student information system and will undergo an internal check for the validity of the grades entered.  If an invalid grade is entered, you will get an error message that will alert you to the student that has the invalid grade.

An example of an invalid grade error would be trying to record a grade of “W” for a student that hasn’t officially withdrawn.  Errors must be resolved before the grade list can be successfully saved.  If you get an error message, review the Grade Type for the student to see if grading rules are being respected.  If you have questions, you can always call the Registrar’s Office for assistance.

After all grades have been saved, a new message will display that will allow you to return to your listing of classes or Submit Grades.  You must click the Submit Grades button in order to Submit Grades.  Don’t log off too soon!  After you submit your grades, you will be directed back to your list of classes.  At that point, you should see a “Y” under the Submitted to Registrar header. 

After successful submission of a grade list, an email is sent to your UC email address to confirm that we have received final grades from you for this class.  If you do not receive that email, look for the “Y” under the Submitted to Registrar header.  If the system says you have submitted them – we have received them.  A printer icon will be added to the row of the graded classes; a printer-friendly grade list is available for you after your grades have been submitted.

Remember to repeat this process for each class on your class listing.  If you have a class on your listing that you are not grading, contact your college office so that they can assign the correct instructor to the class.  Likewise, contact your college office if you are missing a grade list from your list of classes. 

When all else fails, call Pam Thomas, Assistant Registrar, at 513-556-9902.


Instructions for submitting grades after the deadline

The Registrar’s Office brings the Online Class Grading application down at 5:00 pm on the deadline date.  The deadline to submit grades for the current term is found on the homepage – viewable just before you enter the application.

If you anticipate reporting your grades after the deadline, please share this information with your students as soon as you can.  A student doesn’t know that you didn’t grade the entire class and often calls us in a panic hoping to learn why there is an NG mark (assigned after the deadline for ungraded classes).

After the deadline, you will enter the grade list by clicking on the class number.   You have the option of changing one grade or clicking on the “Change All Grades” button located under the class title on the grade list.  If you click on the “Change All Grades” button, the Final Grade column will display the “NG” (Not Graded) mark and a New Grade box will appear.  When all grades have been entered, click the button that appears at the bottom of the screen labeled “Submit to Registrar”.  That action will submit the late grades to us.

If an invalid grade is entered, an error message will be displayed.  Check the Grade Type for the student’s enrollment to see what the valid grades would be for this enrollment. 

When all else fails, call Pam Thomas, Assistant Registrar, at 513-556-9902.

Instructions for Changing a Grade Previously Submitted

Enter the Online Class Grading application and select the appropriate term – just as you did when you previously submitted the final grades for the class.

Students that are still enrolled in the class will have a small box to the left of their name on the grade list under the header “Change This Grade”.  Click in that small box* to select the student whose grade you need to change, and also click the button on the bottom of the list labeled “Change Selected Grades”. 

This will prompt a new page displaying only that student you selected on the previous page.  The Final Grade column will display the current grade and a New Grade box will appear.  When the new grade has been entered, click the button that appears at the bottom of the screen labeled “Submit to Registrar”.  That action will submit the new grade to us.

*If you have multiple grades to change in the same class, simply click in multiple boxes under “Change This Grade” to select the appropriate students.  These selected students will display in the new page providing the New Grade box.

When all else fails, call Pam Thomas, Assistant Registrar, at 513-556-9902.

Students can view their recorded grade or grade change through the One Stop website as soon as you click the “Submit” button.