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Office of the Registrar

Closed Classes

Once the enrollment capacity for a class has been reached, that class is "closed" to additional student enrollments through the online registration system.  At his or her discretion, the class instructors may authorize an individual student to enroll in this otherwise closed class.  The "Registration Change (Add/Drop) Form" may be obtained from the student's college or from the One Stop Student Service Center (University Pavilion 2nd floor). To add a "closed" class to his/her schedule, the student must bring a completed "Registration Change (Add/Drop) Form" (or a "Registration" form if the student is not already registered for at least one class) to the One Stop Student Services Center, or to a branch college's registration office.  The "Add/Drop" form must be signed by the class instructor.  In all cases, however, classroom capacity will continue to be the absolute enrollment limit.