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Gender Marker Update

UC students, with the support of a qualified and licensed medical professional, may affect an update of the gender marker associated with their UC academic records.    

To request the update, the student must submit a completed Gender Marker Update Request form to the Office of the Registrar (University Pavilion, 5th floor).  This request form must be accompanied by a letter issued by a physician or psychologist/therapist who is licensed to practice in the United States.  The text of this letter:

  • Must be printed on the physician or psychologist/therapist’s letterhead stationery;
  • Must include the student's full legal name;
  • Must affirm that the student is sufficiently ready for, or has completed a gender role and transition, and that it is intended that the role change is to be permanent; and
  • Must be dated, and must bear the signature of the physician or psychologist/therapist.

The Gender Marker Update Request form and supporting letter may be submitted in person to the Office of the Registrar (University Pavilion, 5th floor), or may be mailed to:

University of Cincinnati
Office of the Registrar – Attn: T. Niese
P.O. Box 210060
Cincinnati, Ohio  45221-0060

Faxed copies will not be accepted. 

Note: changing the name associated with the student's records is a process separate from updating the student's gender marker, and as such has a different supporting document requirement.  Student records names changes continue to require the submission of legal name change documentation.