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Late Registration and the Late Registration Appeals Committee

Late Registration Policy

A late registration fee will be charged to any student who registers or re-registers on or after the first official day of the term.  From Day 1 through Day 7, the student may enroll in a class if the class is open, without securing the instructor's signature.  From Day 8 through Day 16, the instructor's signature is required.

From Day 1 through Day 16, a fee of $25.00 will be assessed for late registration.

Beginning the 17th day of each academic term, students who have not previously enrolled in at least one class for that term may not submit late registration through the online registration system.  Student must submit an appeal for late registration to the Late Registration Committee.  If the Committee approves the student's appeal, it will authorize the Office of the Registrar to enroll the student into the requested class(es).  In cases where the Committee approves the appeal, the University will assess a $150.00 late registration fee to the student's tuition bill.

Instructions for Submitting an Appeal to the Late Registration Appeals Committee

Print the Late Registration Appeal Form

Review the Following Policy Information Prior to Completing this Form       

University of Cincinnati expects students to plan both their academic careers and financial arrangements such that they are able to register prior to the beginning of the term and pay for all classes in accordance with University deadlines.  The Late Registration Appeals Committee will approve a late registration request only in those cases with extreme mitigating circumstances.

Students who attend classes for which they are not enrolled do so at their own risk.  Class attendance without enrollment is not adequate justification for approving an appeal and therefore class attendance will not be considered a factor by the Late Registration Appeals Committee.

The student’s financial aid and payment history will be a factor in Late Registration Appeals Committee deliberations.  A history of late payments, unpaid tuition and fee balances, registration blocks for non-payment, referrals to the Collections Office, and/or a failure to meet related procedural deadlines will weigh against the student’s appeal.

This form must be accompanied by a fully-completed “University of Cincinnati Registration Form," signed by both the instructor and the college, for each class in which you seek enrollment.

If the student’s late registration is approved, full tuition payment for all classes must be submitted immediately, plus a $150 late registration fee.

Late Registration Appeals Committee decisions are final.  An additional level of appeal is not available.

Describe in detail the extenuating circumstances supporting your appeal.  You may attach  up to two (2) printed pages to the Late Registration Appeals Form

Bring the Late Registration Appeals form ALL supporting documentation to the One Stop Student Services Center, University Pavilion 2nd Floor.

You will be notified in writing of the Late Registration Appeals Committee's decision.