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Courses and Programs Approved for a Waiver of the Overload Fee

An additional per/credit hour fee will be assesed for enrolled hours that exceed eighteen (18) hours.

Several courses and programs, however, have been approved so that they will not charge “overload” tuition charges.

Note: the courses listed on this page carry no fee charges ($0.00) and so are not factored into the student bill.  Please be aware that the consequence of this is that the tuition amount listed on your tuition bill does not include the credit hours for this class.  Contact the One Stop Student Service Center for additional information.


Courses Approved

The following are courses for which students may enroll without going into "overload" charge status:

All ROTC (Army and Air Force) courses: 15AF, 15MS, 34MS

Cooperative Learning (1 credit) courses:

  • Calculus: 20ENFD 104, 105, 106, 107; 15 MATH 200, 201, 202, 203
  • Physics: 20ENFD 108, 109, 110, 114, 115
  • Computer Science: 20CS 127, 128

Engineering Concepts: 20ENED 117, 118

Band: 16ENSM 171, 16EMSM 175

Orientation to International Co-Op: 36PD 220

Intro to University & Honors: 38HNRS 101H

Gateway to University Honors: 38HNRS 110H


Programs Approved

Several programs have been approved to include hours beyond eighteen (18) before an overload is charged:

M ARCH (Masters in Architecture -23 ARCH): twenty (20) hours; and

MBA (Masters in Business Administration - 22 MBA): twenty (20) hours.