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Tuition Refund Appeals Committee (TRAC)

Instructions for Submitting an Appeal to the Tuition Refund Appeals Committee

Print the Form

Review the Following Information Prior to Completing the Form

Tuition Refund Appeals Committee (TRAC) meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month.  Appeals are reviewed in the order received.  Appeals must be received no later than the first Thursday of the month to be reviewed at that month’s meeting.  You will receive written confirmation that your appeal form has been received.  That confirmation will inform you of the date on which TRAC will review your appeal. Once TRAC has reached a determination, you will receive a letter or e-mail indicating TRAC’s disposition of your appeal.

Charges older than six (6) calendar years from today’s date cannot be appealed.

Late payment, room & board, and student health insurance charges cannot be reviewed by this committee.  Contact the appropriate office regarding appeal procedures for these items.

If you are filing an appeal that is based on the medical circumstances of either you or a family member, you must provide medical documentation issued by a physician or hospital.  This documentation must include:

  • a brief summary of the illness;
  • a specific diagnosis;
  • a description of the impact that the medical condition had on the student’s ability to attend class and/or perform class requirements and why it was medically necessary to discontinue studies as a result of medical circumstances;
  • the date that the physician made the recommendation to the student to discontinue studies; and
  • the actual date(s) of medical treatment(s) or service(s).

In lieu of the Medical  Documentation Form, the points identified above may be submitted.  The document must be printed on the physician’s or hospital’s official letterhead stationery and it must be signed. The Committee will not accept copies of insurance forms, bills, explanation of benefits (EOB) forms, hospital records, or your physician’s medical records.  If the committee approves an exception to the refund procedures based on your medical circumstances, it will be allowed one time only.  Should the same condition reoccur in future terms, no further appeal will be allowed as you are aware of the condition and should manage your registration accordingly.

TRAC decisions are based on the refund schedule established for the term.  Consult the appropriate academic calendar.

TRAC decisions are final.  An additional level of appeal is not available.

Describe in detail the extenuating circumstances supporting your appeal.  You may attach  up to two (2) printed pages to the TRAC application form. 

Mail the TRAC application form and ALL supporting documentation to:

University of Cincinnati
Tuition Refund Appeals Committee
c/o Office of the University Registrar
P.O. Box 210060
Cincinnati Ohio, 45221-0060

Fax: 513-556-6579