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Transcript Ordering

An official transcript is a copy of a student’s entire academic record from the University of Cincinnati, bearing the official University seal and stamp. Only official transcripts may be released to a student or sent to a third party. In recognition of the confidentiality of student records, an official transcript of that record will be released only at the request of the student, except under due process of the law.  Only written and signed or online requests can be accepted.  We cannot accept requests by telephone, email, or fax; and currently we do not offer electronic transcripts.

Degree candidates should be aware that degree certification may not be posted for up to three weeks following grading of your final term.

Requesting a transcript online will prompt the printing of the transcript for the next business day.  We cannot hold transcripts requested through the online transcript request system.  Online requests should only be made when transcripts are to be printed as soon as possible and you believe that your academic transcript is complete, including degrees and grade changes.  View recent grades or verify your recently awarded degree online before requesting a transcript to verify that information in advance.

Note:  Current term classes do not print on a transcript until grades have been officially posted to your grade report.

Check here for service blocks that may prevent the processing of your request!

Transcripts of a student's complete academic record at the University of Cincinnati may be requested in the following ways:

Online Requests 

Requesting a transcript online is the most efficient way to submit your transcript order.  When you submit an online request, you will need to pay all fees by providing a valid credit card at the time of the request.  There is a charge of $6.00 for each transcript ordered.  If you need an attachment to accompany your transcript you can send it via email to  In the comment section of the online request form please indicate you are sending an attachment.

Written Requests Submitted by Mail

Or, provide your signed letter with the following information.  Processing time is 3 to 5 working days after the request is received: 

  • Your current name (including any previous names you may have);
  • Your current address and a daytime telephone number;
  • Your Social Security number or Student Identification Number;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Address to which the transcript is to be sent;
  • Approximate years of attendance;
  • UC College(s) attended and any degree(s) received;
  • Number of transcripts requested;
  • Check or money order payment for the appropriate processing fee (There is a charge of $6.00 for the each transcript ordered. This fee is to be paid at the time the request is filed. DO NOT SEND CASH.); and
  • Your signature.

If you are requesting that the transcript be sent to you, please let us know if you wish to have your transcript sent in a sealed envelope. The transcript will be stamped "Issued to Student in Sealed Envelope" only to be opened by a third party.

Written requests should be mailed to:

University of Cincinnati
Office of the Registrar --- Attention: Transcript Processing
P.O. Box 210060
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0060

In-person Requests

Transcript Request Forms are available in the One Stop Student Service Center, located on the 2nd Floor of the University Pavilion, and at the regional registration centers. In-person requests may take 3-5 business days to process after the request is received.  Check or money order payment for the appropriate processing fee must be provided.  Cash will not be accepted as payment.  There is a charge of $6.00 for the each transcript ordered. This fee is to be paid at the time the request is filed. 

Transcript fees must be paid by credit card if requests are submitted online and by check or money order if requested via postal mail or in-person.  Cash will not be accepted as payment.   If paying by check, please make checks payable to University of Cincinnati.

Express Delivery Option

To expedite the delivery of your transcript (delivery, not initial processing), an express delivery option may be requested on transcripts being sent anywhere in the United States for an additional $15.00 per recipient.  Expedited delivery is available regardless of the manner in which you order the transcript.  Requesting an express delivery option means the transcript will be mailed the next business day via United Parcel Service (UPS).  For timely and accurate delivery, please note the following:

  • Include the recipient or business name, street address, city, state, and zip code. 
  • Express delivery is not available for delivery to a post office box. Submitting a post office box could delay the delivery of your transcript. No refunds will be processed for express mailing with a post office box.

This service is not available for recipients outside of the United States.