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Early Registration for Continuing Students

Students will have the opportunity to register during two registration periods: 1) Early Registration for Continuing Students; and 2) Open Registration. Early Registration for Continuing Students allows students to register through the Internet on a priority basis during pre-assigned dates.

Early Registration priority dates are assigned only to those students who have registered for UC classes within the last three (3) semesters.  Priority is determined by the number of hours a student has earned and will include any transfer credit that has been awarded. It will not include hours for which the student is currently registered. The schedule of pre-assigned dates will be available from the calendars page. Students will be able to register on or after their assigned dates.

Continuing students should:

  • Login to One Stop Student Services to check for your appointment time;
  • View class offerings and determine your class schedule;
  • Register for classes on the appropriate dates; and
  • Check the schedule online frequently for listings accuracy.

Adjustments to a schedule may be made at any time after registration. During both registration periods, college and departmental offices can monitor class section enrollments and adjust class offerings to meet student demand.

Students may view their schedules online anytime after they register. The bill will be available online once the Student Accounts Office has determined the charges and once credits are posted to the students’ accounts. Students will not receive a schedule or bill in the postal mail.  Notification of bill assessment will be given in an e-mail to Bearcat Online accounts.