Winter and Spring Break Closings

Near the end of each semester and before spring break, each hall’s residence coordinator (RC) will publish a closing letter that is distributed one per mailbox and posted in various areas of the hall.  Review this letter carefully each semester for detailed instructions.

The closing letter will specify the date and time of the deadline by which students must vacate the hall (or, if applicable, options to secure housing for the break period).  The closing letter will provide detailed instructions about the condition in which you are expected to leave your room. However, typical expectations to anticipate include the following:

  • Doors closed and locked
  • Windows closed and drapes/blinds open
  • Lights off
  • Heat turned to low
  • All electrical appliances unplugged
  • Refrigerator/freezer empty and defrosted
  • All perishable items removed and trash emptied
  • All personal items removed from suite bathrooms, if applicable
  • Any unassigned beds, closets, etc., cleared and prepared for a new arrival

During winter and spring breaks, most buildings are closed and you will be unable to enter the hall.  Therefore, it is important to take all needed items (checkbook, credit cards, tickets, medicines, etc.) with you.  

Returning residents are not required to remove all their belongings during winter break or spring break.  However, while the halls are secured during breaks, there are many fewer people around to be “eyes and ears,” so residents may want to consider taking home their most valuable items such as computers.   

Fall semester residents who are not planning to return for the spring term should consult their hall’s front office during business hours for additional instructions and should also notify the Office of Housing and Food Services.  Notification alone does not resolve contractual obligations.

This information does not apply to residents with 12-month agreements in Turner, Schneider, Stratford Heights, and Campus Rec Center Halls, and it does not apply to residents of Morgens Hall.

Students with 12-month agreements are provided continuous occupancy during break periods due to the nature of their agreements.  However, students MAY need to relocate to temporary accommodations for break periods in some circumstances. 

Residency in Morgens Hall includes winter break housing and spring break housing at no additional charge.  However, it does not include housing for the break between spring semester and summer semester. The inclusion of ccupancy in that period requires either a 12-month agreement for the next academic year or the purchase of break housing services for that break period.

For more information, contact the Office of Housing & Food Services at 556-6461.