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Bring and Don't Bring

Bring or Prepare

Don’t Bring

Alarm clock/clock radio Air conditioners
Bathrobe Alcohol
Bathroom cleaning supplies (Stratford ONLY) Ammunition
Bed linens - 80” twin (aka “extra long”) Broilers
Bicycle and bicycle lock Candles
Blanket/comforter Double-stick tape/stars, etc
Bookbag/backpack Explosives/fireworks
Laundry supplies Freezer (Allowed in Stratford w/ written permission only)
Calendar/planner George Foreman grills
Bookshelf/milk crate Griddles
Can opener Grills
Carpeting/area rug/throw rug Guns of any type
Clothes iron/ironing board - consult w/ roommate(s) Halogen lamps
Clothing, shoes, etc. Illegal drugs
Coat/jacket and gloves Incense
Computer/printer Laser sights/lasers
Laundry basket/bag Microwave (Allowed in Stratford w/ written permission only)
Coffee maker Nails/tacks/bolts
Dishwashing items - dishes for snacks Oil popcorn popper
DVD player - consult with roommate(s) Pets other than fish
Emergency funds (cab fare back from hospital, etc.) Refrigerator (already provided standard)
Fan Sandwich maker
Fish (aquarium limit 20 gallons) Space heaters
Flashlight and batteries Toaster oven
Games, cards, recreational equipment Toy guns/toy weapons/paint guns
Hangers Waffle maker
Hot air popcorn popper Water beds/water-inflated furniture
Insurance card/info Water guns
Iron/Ironing board - consult with roommate(s) Weapons of any kind - martial arts implements, swords, knives (except table/butter-type), etc.
Light cleaning supplies - sponge, broom, etc. Wok
Lock--combination, pad, or cable for locking space We supply bed, closet or wardrobe, desk, desk chair, drawers, waste can, window treatments.
Medical info, including health insurance card
Mending/button kit
Painter’s tape or sticky-tac for hanging posters
Plate/bowl/cup/utensils (microwaveable)
Prescription medicine
School supplies
Shower bucket (in halls w/ community baths)
Shower caddy (CRC, Schneider, Turner, Stratford)
Shower shoes/flip-flops
Stereo - consult with roommate(s)
Toiletries/personal items
TV - consult with roommate(s)
Vacuum - consult w/roommate(s)
Zippered mattress cover, 80"