Employment Opportunities

Desk Assistant Position

Desk Staff aplications have closed for the semester. Feel free to check back for more hiring opportunities throughout the year. If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact us via email at resedev@uc.edu or at 513-556-6476.


Assistant Hall Director Position

Assistant Resident Coordinator Positions are now filled and we are no longer taking applications for the 2015-2016 academic year. If you have and questions please contact us via email at resedev@uc.edu


Resident Advisor Position

The hiring process for Resident Advisor positions for the 2016-2017 academic year has officially closed. If you have any questions regarding the process or application please read our FAQs. If there is a question unanswered feel free to contact us via email at resedev@uc.edu or at 513-556-6476.


1.      Can commuter students apply for a position?

  • Yes, if they have lived on campus for at least one semester or had some residential experience (I.e. residential camp counselor, lived in barracks in branch training, attended boarding school, or can articulate another residential living experience), commuter students are encouraged to apply.

2.      Can graduate students apply for a position?

  • Yes! So long as graduate students do not have a graduate assistantship, graduate students can serve as RAs.

3.      How will the RA position affect my financial aid package?

  • Each student is difference, so you are encouraged to discuss this with One Stop  or Financial Aid prior to applying for the RA position.

4.      Can I pick the building I work in?

  • Because hall leadership picks a diverse group of RAs as a representative of the population of their residence hall, candidates will not have an opportunity to pick where they would like to work.

5.      If I am selected for an RA position and I plan on leaving for a semester for co-op do I need to reapply for the RA position when I return?

  • Yes. As with all returning RA staff members, you would be asked to complete a returner application and self evaluation, as well as meet with a member of the hall senior staff within Resident Education and Development. From there, you would be considered a returner and could be selected as such when hall staffs are selected.

6.      What is the deadline to apply?

  • December 4th at 4:00pm

7.      I am a transfer student and have lived on campus for one semester, can I apply?

  • Yes!

8.      What are the benefits of being an RA?

  • The RA role has many benefits, which include on-going leadership development opportunities, learning about and serving as a resource to peers access campus, having a lifelong impact on a student's collegiate experience, learning crisis management skills, as well as receiving a housing scholarship.

9.      When are trainings?

  • For the 2016-2017 Academic Year, staff will be expected to return to campus for training beginning on Sunday August 7, 2016 for the fall semester and Thursday January 5, 1017 for the spring semester.
  • Training is mandatory and staff are expected to be in attendance.

10.  What is the time commitment like?

  • The RA position is considered 15 hours of work per week. This includes, but is not limited to:

                    i. Interacting with and building community among residents

                    ii. Serving on duty an average of one (1) weeknight

 per week and 2-3 weekends per semester (may vary by building)

                    iii. Attending weekly meetings such as hall government and hall staff meetings

                    iv. Participating in departmental meetings such as training, in-services, committees and other opportunities that may arise

11.  If I am applying to be an RA should I still make other plans for housing?

  • If you are confident you want to live on campus for the 2016-2017 academic year, regardless of employment, you are encouraged to apply for housing during the re-contracting time.

12.  How many hours an I required to work every week as an RA?

  • The RA position is considered 15 hours per week. You are allowed to work up to 9 additional hours per week in an outside job.

13.  I’m an international student. Am I eligible to be an RA?

  • Yes! All RAs are asked to commit to a year-long position. As an International student, you may have additional hiring paperwork you would need to fill out. You would also be expected to return for training on August 7, 2016, and would be asked to make travel arrangements that accommodate that start date.

14.  Can I have another job and still be an RA?

  • Yes, but it must be 9 hours or less per week.

15.  Can I be involved in athletics, student organizations, band, or other activities and still be an RA?

  • Yes! We ask you to fill out an outside involvement form and if your job performance is negatively impacted for outside involvement, you may be asked to make a decision between lessening the outside commitment, or making a choice between that outside commitment and the RA position. Your supervisor would work directly with you on time management skills prior to getting to a crucial point, though.

16.  If my GPA is just below the requirement, will you still hire me?

  • Because we hold our RAs to the high standards of academics, and because we have applicants who a qualified for the position and meet the GPA minimum, unfortunately we are unable to hire anyone who does not meet the GPA minimum.

17.  If I am on co-op or study abroad in the spring during interviews, can we still apply?

  • Yes, we just ask that local co-op students be here for group interview weekends or set up alternate interview dates and times, and those who are not local including study abroad students, participate in a phone or Skype interview with RED senior staff members.

18.  Can I be an RA and be on co-op?

  • Yes! RAs can participate in local co-ops for academic credit during the time they serve as an RA. They must abide by the specifics outlined in the Terms & Conditions regarding co-op hours of work and distance from campus allowed. Additionally, RAs must be able to attend all trainings related to the RA position and are expected to be upfront with co-op employers when applying for the co-op position.

19.  What is the timeline for the RA process?

  • Monday, October 5th- Application Opens
  • Week of October 19th-28th- in hall sessions
  • Wednesday, October 28th 6:30-7:30pm RA info session in Swift 516
  • Tuesday, November 3rd 7:00-8:00pm RA info session in AACRC
  • Monday, November 9th 7:00-8:00pm RA info session in TUC 417
  • Friday, December 4th- Application deadline via Campus Link by 4:00pm
  • Monday, December 14th- Check Grades, judicial status & determine candidate eligibility
  • Friday, December 18th- Notification letters to applicants regarding candidacy via University email after initial screening (grades, judicial status, we spoke about reading essays/resumes to cut more)
  • Friday, January 29th- Group Process and Individual interview sign-up- Swift Hall
  • Saturday, January 30th- 8:00am-8:00pm individual interviews- Swift Hall
  • Friday, February 12th- Offer letters sent to candidates via University email
  • Friday, February 19th- Deadline for invite candidates to accept offers of employment or membership in the eligible pool
  • Monday, February 22nd- Invited and accepted candidates sign up for Resident Advisor Leadership Institute sessions
  • Monday, March 2nd- RALI begins