Mail & Packages

Sending Mail

  • Call to let your student know a package is en route.
  • Always mark your items with your return address and mail them so that the return address and post mark are consistent.
  • Address the package properly (see details at right).
    • Do not use “UC” or “University of Cincinnati” in the address.
    • Doing so will mis-direct and delay delivery.
  • Do not send cash or gift cards through the mail.
  • Do not send items that would create a bulge, lump or stain or items that could leak liquid or powder. If sending a liquid or powder is essential, pack the item in a spill-proof, sealed bag to contain any spill.
  • Pack items carefully and use appropriate insurance.
  • When shipping battery-operated devices, remove the batteries before shipping.
  • Consult the shipper before sending any potentially hazardous materials such as flammable liquid, chemicals, or pressurized canisters.

Mail Delivery

Mail is delivered and distributed once per day to the students’ locked mailboxes, Monday through Saturday.

For packages and special delivery items (registered mail, postage-due, express mail, telegrams, flowers, balloons, etc.), students receive a written notice in the mailbox and must present their UC ID to retrieve the item during posted pick-up hours.

Mail Forwarding

Mail is held at the hall office during break periods and is not forwarded.

Mail (not including bulk rate items) is forwarded during summer quarter, if the student moves to another residence hall, if the student is released from the housing agreement, or if the student leaves the University. Students are responsible for leaving a proper forwarding address and are encouraged to fill out a forwarding card with the US Postal Service.

Missing Items

If your student is missing mail or packages, start by having a trace put on the items by the sender at the point of origin.

If the trace indicates the item reached the University and the student has not received it, she or he should file a report with University Police by calling 6-1111. He or she should also file an incident report with the Residence Coordinator (RC) at the front office of the residence hall.

Address mail and packages as follows:

Room #, Hall Name
Address (see below)

Hall Shipping and Mailing Addresses

Calhoun Hall
240 Calhoun Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219-3509

Campus Park
195 E. McMillan Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Campus Recreation Center Hall
2840 Bearcat Way
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Dabney Hall
101 W. Daniels Steet
Cincinnati, OH 45219-3911

Daniels Hall
45 W. Daniels Street
Cincinnati,OH 45219-3912

Morgens Hall
2931 Scioto Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Schneider Hall
60 W. Daniels Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Siddall Hall
2540 Corbett Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45219-3914

Stratford Heights
2634 Stratford Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Turner Hall
45 W. University Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45219

University Park Apartments
2545 Dennis Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219