Helpful Hints

  1. Have realistic expectations. It isn’t necessary to be best friends in order to have a comfortable roommate relationship.

  2. Approach sharing a room and building a roommate relationship with an open mind.

  3. When something bothers you, speak up to your roommate(s) about it calmly and privately. Don’t let annoyances accumulate.

  4. "Check in" occasionally to see how the relationship is going from your roommate’s perspective. Ask what you can to do be a better roommate.

  5. Don’t assume that you and your roommate were raised with similar expectations or habits. Be prepared for residence hall life to be a little different.

  6. Listen openly and carefully to your roommate.

  7. Be willing to compromise.

  8. Demonstrate courtesy toward your roommates (and their guests) consistently.

  9. If you need help or support in managing a disagreement, bring in your RA instead of other parties. Encourage neighbors, friends and family members to stay out of a conflict that does not involve them so that the situation doesn't escalate unnecessarily.

  10. Acknowledge that conflict management is an on-going process. Be patient. Like any other relationship, roommate relationships require continuing care, attention, and effort on everyone’s part.