Protecting Yourself & Your Property

  1. Keep your room door locked whenever you are out of the room, sleeping, or otherwise unable pay attention to what might be going on in the room.

  2. Don’t allow unknown persons to follow you into the building; don’t check in people who aren’t legitimately your guests.  If you check in someone, you are assuming responsibility for their actions.

  3. Lock up items that are particularly valuable, such as credit cards, cash, laptops, jewelry, and so forth.  Don’t keep large amounts of cash on hand.

  4. Engrave valuables with an ID number and keep a record of serial numbers.

  5. Protect personal information such as ID numbers, bank account records, phone numbers, and do forth.

  6. Report suspicious people or activities to the hall staff or to the University Police at 556-1111.  Anonymous tips can be reported to 556-2677 (6-COPS).

  7. Familiarize yourself with the locations of all stairwells for fire evacuation.  Don’t tamper with any of the smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, extinguishers, or other safety equipment.

  8. Familiarize yourself with your hall’s designated shelter locations for severe weather.

  9. Travel in pairs or groups, especially at night.

  10. Avoid unlawful or excessive use of alcohol or other drugs.  These impair judgment and leave you more vulnerable to harm or manipulation.

For more information, consult Public Safety or your residence coordinator (RC), assistant residence coordinator (ARC), or resident advisor (RA).